Beverly Girls Softball
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12U: Sand Gnats 12U: 9
12U: Iron Pigs 12U: 18


How we select team rosters

We've received several questions about team rosters. This is a good time to explain our plan for selecting rosters this year and to give some background on how we've done this in the past.

For the last 12 years, the league has been assigning players to teams. Before that we had a draft where coaches selected players. One constant has been that players already on a team stay on the team the following year (with

Picking teams and setting up the schedule

We're in the process of creating the teams and setting up the schedule. You should expect to hear from coaches over the next week. The Beverly fields are still off limits, so practices can not start until the city gives us the all clear. Looking forward to some more good weather so we can get the season started. We should have the schedule posted early next week.

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